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Meditation for Beginners:

The aim of this course is to learn meditation using spirituality as the foundation for a meditation practice. The course teaches a simple method to meditate, enhance your concentration and enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the self. This course is recommended for those who are interested in meditation, who are new to Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga meditation, and also to those who would like to explore a spiritual path. The course is usually offered every month.

Rajayoga Meditation and Self-Realization:


This course has two parts. The first part will introduce spiritual concepts to enhance your self-realization/meditation practice and deepen your understanding of the inner self. It will also expand on the power of thoughts.

The second part builds on the concepts taught in part one. It provides a new perspective on the circumstances and situations that we go through in our lives. 

The course will explore our inner powers, the journey through time and space, and the history/geography of humanity from a spiritual perspective. It will facilitate your discovery to self-realization in an efficient and effective way using deeper meditation techniques. This course is for those who would like to go deeper into meditation and spirituality. The prerequisite for it is 'Meditation for Beginners' . This course is usually offered every alternate month.

Self development talks:

These talks offer an opportunity to hear from an experienced meditators on how to use spirituality in daily life. Each Talk will focus on a specific topic and will include some meditation. Some examples are: Managing Anger, Positive Thinking, Managing Stress, etc. These talks are offered twice a month.

Mini Retreats:

Take time out over the weekends to go deeper into a spiritual experience. The content of these retreats varies, from meditation for beginners, Raja yoga meditation and Self-realization, Inner Peace and Inner Power, and other self development topics. Retreats are typically 5 hours and request that they be attended in their entirety. Depending on the content of the retreat some prerequisites might apply. The retreats are offered every other month.

Power Boost Thursday:

Give yourself a 20 minute boost of spiritual wisdom and insights by an experienced meditator. There will be an opportunity to ask questions to deepen your understanding. Takes place every Thursday from 7:30 to 7:50pm followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.

Evening Meditation:

Take time to unwind your mind everyday with a group of meditators. You will have the opportunity to practice meditation with guided commentary, silence and also listen to 'Food for Thought' , which is a short insightful message. Offered every evening except on Saturdays.

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